Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to anyone who celebrates. I personally don't, because I feel like I'm being used as a marketing tool. Any holiday that makes you feel like you must participate or risk looking insensitive has really good marketing techniques. I'm happily with my partner but I don't feel the need to declare my love on any certain day. Every day is Valentines Day as far as I'm concerned! Besides, wasn't Valentines Day originally to tell the person you fancied that you liked them ... anonymously?

Onto the rest of the day! I'm starting a new wire collection and almost finished the first bracelet. This is where I need your help! I'm not sure how to finish. I know I want it to be a dome bracelet (the kind that doesn't actually connect, but has a small gap to slip your wrist through). It's a 16-strand fine silver wire bracelet. I could finish by doing some fancy wire bending technique, soldering the ends, or trying my hand at using precious metal clay. Anyone have experience in these and what do you suggest?

This is the wire bracelet as it is now:

I'm eager to know how you'd like to see it finished so please comment below!

Other than that, I better make this post short. I'm getting into the Winter Olympics and getting more and more excited as the games go on. I was glued to the BBC's website this morning trying to catch up on everything that has happened. It's really a shame that my recording of the opening ceremony didn't go as planned. I e-mailed my cousin who said her recording failed too. Oh well, she had a blast and got to wear this super cool costume in all her Olympic glory!


  1. Depends what you want to do but not sure metal clay would work as it can be quite brittle and bracelets get knocked about a bit ( or maybe thats because I fire with a torch and not a kiln) It needs a lot of practice to get it right, What about a different colour wire? Sorry not really sure that was very helpful

  2. That's really helpful. The reason I'm asking is because there's a woman in America who makes fine silver wire bracelets and makes the tips out of precious metal clay.

  3. Thats sounds interesting, would be interested to see what she does, them maybe can figure out what technique she uses to strengthen the clay?