Saturday, 6 February 2010

So what is a Double Double?

Delicious, creamy, sweet, and a bit earthy, a Double Double is the Canadian term for a coffee with two creams and two sugars. Specifically, it's a coffee from Tim Horton's. You could say that ol' Timmy's is much like a Greggs ... except with a drive-through window. It's a Canadian fast-food chain established by Tim Horton, a hockey player (I know, could we be any more stereotypical?). There you will find sandwiches made from the softest, sweetest hoagies (a type of bun, cob, roll, bap); scrumptious soups that come in a warmed, edible bread bowl; freshly baked doughnuts and timbits (doughnut holes); a zillion types of bagels with a zillion types of cream cheese; and of course, Tim Horton's coffee and tea. So if you want a good coffee, the Double Double is probably the most popular. Don't want so much sugar? You're looking for a Double Single. Rather have milk than cream? You're looking for a Double Milk Double. You could even go for a Triple Triple but that's just greedy. On my routine, I'd usually ask for a medium double double and a 12-grain bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese. Mmmmm.

So why am I going on about Double Doubles, hoagie buns, and some guy named Tim? Although it's a franchise, Tim Horton's is a born and bred Canadian food company and there isn't one Canadian that you will meet that doesn't know and love it. The lingo used in ordering one's food is almost like a right-of-passage. It's so defining that I thought it would be appropriate to include it in the title of this blog; because there is nothing more soothing than Crafting with a Double Double.


  1. mm a double no sugar for me please Jessie,
    pam x

  2. Nice blog Jessie. A Canadian friend of my parents gave me a tin of Tim Hortons hot chocolate - it was gorgeous! I've been trying to find some in the UK but no luck.