Friday, 12 February 2010

TGIF... wait, I'm in again tomorrow

Ah, yes, the glory of working at a Call Centre: shift work. My Saturday will be spent not knitting or bending wire but answering calls. We've been pretty slow lately so I'm hoping tomorrow will be even slower. Then again, everyone might just be waiting for the weekend to phone in. I think I'll bring some knitting in just in case. And I plan on finishing this Owl beanie by the end of this blog post!

Today our bosses, who care so much about business, money, profits, and attendence, enforced a mandatory "Games" day with a Valentines theme. First we had an e-mail Quiz to fill out and e-mail back within 15 minutes, then we had to write a poem for some manager on another floor, then we had to do an actual "treasure hunt" around Brighton (we got clues and had to take a picture of ourselves in front of the landmarks), and some quizzes on songs and movies. I'm not complaining; I got paid time off the phones, but it does annoy me after this whole absence fiasco from the other day. Bah humbug!

So the Olympics start tonight! Woo hoo! My cousin will be in the opening ceremony. She has sent me an e-mail on how to find her in the crowd. I've set it to record at work so hopefully I'll be able to see her. I might just have to come in with my pink Hockey jersey that reads, "Hockey Night in Canada"... but maybe I'll wait for the first Hockey game. I hear there will be one with Canada v. USA. That I must see! I've read that the Canadian athletes are receiving government funded counselling because of the pressure that is on them to win. I can imagine. Canada, snow, Winter Olympics... I rest my case! We're not doing a very good job though. I even heard we had to get some snow imported because there wasn't enough on the mountain! What kind of Canadians are we? Damn Global Warming!

Anyway I'm exhausted so I'll end it here. But not before showing you this new Owl Beanie!

... 3.5 hours later...

Voila! It's a quick snapshot - will take better photos Sunday.

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